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New promo tools: We have added new promo material to our sites, a lot more hosted galleries and banners are added and we are now adding content in zip format and more hosted tools. If anyone needs more promo tools please let us know so we can assist in finding you the best tools to promote our content!

New BBW website: We have added a new site to our program, which was part of the fetishmoney program before. We are adding loads of fresh BBW galleries and lots of promo tools like banners, content and hosted material. We also have added lots of Christine Cummings content to help you make the most of your traffic!

Higher refshare payout: Today we have upgraded our program for refshare affiliates, you can now get payed up to 100% of the sales to help you make even more money with our unique and exclusive promo tools. If you need anything to help you send more traffic to your account, please contact us.